The FDD Tools project aims to produce an open source, cross-platform toolkit supporting the Feature Driven Development methodology.


Having used FDD on several successful projects, we developed a simple tool to produce project tracking graphics to share with our management team and organization at large. This tool provides support for only a small part of the FDD methodology, however, we hope others may find it useful even in the current state. We also hope that we can continue to develop the tool; and, with the help of the community, produce something that effectively supports the need of organizations using FDD.

We have benefited from open source, so we also want to contribute something back to the community.


July 18, 2009 -- FDD Tools 2.0 is released. This release implements FDDI as the native file persistence format. Previous formats are obsoleted, but can continue be imported into FDD Tools from the File->Import... option. Since this is a major change for the tool, and provides a foundation for more changes in the future, we are branding this release 2.0.

Much has changed in this release, so there may be some rough edges.

Make sure to make backups of data before using the tool, and please file a bug report if you do encounter any issues.

We are anticipating some additional updates to the tool in the near future. If there are any features you would like to see implemented, please send us an enhancement request.

Source code is available in Mercurial. Code for this release is tagged RELEASE2.0.


We would like to express our special thanks to Ms. Carrie Wang and Ms. Yue Yuan for their help in providing the Chinese and Japanese translations for the product.

Screen Shots

There are some screenshots (everybody loves screenshots) so you can get a feel for the application before you grab a copy.

We hope the application is very intuitive to use, but you can take a look at the Quick Start page for some more detail on using the application.

Application Downloads

The following items are currently available for download.
Item Link
FDD Tools 2.0 Platform Independent Zip fddtools2.0.zip
FDD Tools 2.0 Mac.app FDDTools2.0.dmg
FDD Tools 2.0 Source code fddtools2.0src.zip

Sample, non-native data files

Effective with FDD Tools 2.0, the native file format is FDDI, a standard schema which facilitates sharing FDD projects across different tools. FDD Tools 2.0 can import legacy format FDD Tools xml files and CSV (comma separated values) files exported from Microsft Project. Below find links to sample CSV files and a sample Microsoft Project file that can be used to export CSV files in the required format.
Item Link
Sample CSV files samples.zip
Sample Microsoft Project template FDD.mpp

2.0 dependencies

Item Link
SwingX -- Calendar component SwingX
OpenCSV - CSV file processing OpenCSV
MigLayout -- Advanced Swing Layout MigLayout
Beans Binding - Binds Java Objects to Swing UI Components Beans Binding

Pre 2.0 dependencies

This project makes use of these open source components:
Item Link
Apache CLI component cli-current-src.zip
JCalendar jcalendar-0.751.zip