The simplest way to get started with FDD Tools is to download either the .zip file, expand it and double click on the executable FDD_Tools_2.0.jar file (Windows and Linux platforms) or download the disk image FDDTools2.0.dmg (OS X), mount the image and drop the FDD Tools application into your Applications folder. Start the application by double clicking the FDD Tools application.

If you prefer you can also start the application from the system command prompt. Simply download the the executable fddtools.jar file (which includes all required libraries) and issue the following command in the same directory as the fddtools.jar file:

java -jar FDD_Tools_2.0.jar

FDDTools is designed to work in a familiar way, and behave similarly across platforms. The software is beta quality. While we have not encountered any problems with data corruption we encourage you to make frequent backups of work just to be safe. As always, if you happen to encounter any bugs we would appreciate you creating a bug report on the FDD Tools Trac instance. Enhancement requests are also most welcome.

We welcome your feedback, and encourage you to either subscribe to the RSS Feed or the project announcement mailing list, both available on Sourceforge project page (link in left nav bar).

Release 2.0 is a significant enhancement, making the FDDI XML format the native file format for the tool. Projects created using previous versions of the tool, along with CSV format files, can be imported into the tool from the File->Import... option.
Release 0.6 included significant enhancements to the tool. In addition to supporting importing CSV (Comma Separated Value) files exported from MS Project (see note below), FDDTools supports adding, deleting and updating Major Feature Sets, Feature Sets and Features within the tool itself. Saving and loading project files (in XML format) is also supported with this release.

Note: If you want to use the sample MS Project file, you will have to import the map from the FDD.mpp file into your general profile. You can do this the first time you save the project plan as a .csv file. When you select 'Save as...' and then select .csv as the output format type, a screen allowing you to select an output map appears. Select the 'Organize' option and then select the from the 'Maps included in FDD.mpp' and move it into the general profile. Then click save to generate a .csv file in the format understood by the FDDTools application.

Beginning with Release 0.7, use the File->Import option to load CVS format project files.